A Letter To My Victory Group


This afternoon, I attended the Kingdom Summit and I became teary-eyed as I looked around. Before the event started, I saw Huey and asked her if she will sit with us, but she refused because she’s the event coordinator. I sat with Noemie, Grace, Reca and Clarisse. The music team started playing and I saw Cessy singing with them. Then, after a few minutes, I saw Bianca trying to find a good angle to make a perfect shot. After the first speaker, Grace played in our segment “I Can See Your Voice”. I want to take this moment to honor every single one of them – even those that weren’t in the event today.


To My Victory Group,

I just want to say that I am very, very proud of you. While watching you serve in whatever capacity God has placed you, I remember the times we had our One2One. I remember how you were curious about God. I remember when you tried to hide and didn’t attend our Victory Group. I remember the times that you weren’t responding. And I most especially remember when you decided to get serious with your relationship with God. I remember when everything in your life became about the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I remember when I saw you talking about the gospel with passion in your eyes. I remember when you questioned, when you doubted, when you found out and when you surrendered.

Now, seeing you disciple and serve in the church with the different gifts and talents that you have brings me so much joy. Whenever I look at you, I see that the future is indeed bright, because they have you. I know that you will never stop until every student and every person you meet hears the gospel. You cannot be restrained, you will not be discouraged, and you will force your way if you have to. You will not subscribe to the cheap ways that this world determines your value. I am excited to see you claim your identity and purpose more and more. I am excited to see you become the salt and light to wherever you’ll set your foot on.

While you go change the campus and change the world, it is my privilege to stand behind you and cheer you on, to encourage you to move forward when you lose heart, and to remind you of God’s promises when you feel that nothing of what you do amounts to something. Thank you for allowing me to speak to you. I boast of Jesus’ work in your lives.


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