Why You Shouldn’t Offer Tissue To People Who Are Crying

During my first term in grad school on clinical psychology, I learned about this one simple truth: we all try to rescue somebody. Now, I don’t have to write a blog about why that is helpful, we already know that. Let me try to talk about why sometimes, it is not.

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Tired of Grace

Do you ever feel tired of grace? That sounds silly, but if you think about it, we are all capable of feeling that. You get ashamed of receiving the grace that you know you do not deserve. It feels wrong and exhausting because we’re all sure that we will fail again. I got tired of grace. I got tired of myself failing over and over and over again, only to ask for grace and repeat the cycle. There are improvements, sure, but it is still exhausting. For everyone who feels the need to distance yourself from God for being tired and ashamed of asking for grace, hear me out. Yesterday was my breaking point. Continue reading “Tired of Grace”

4 Places You Shouldn’t Miss When in Beijing #GorgoeusGoes


I traveled for the first time in China and it is my pleasure to share with you these great places that you should definitely not miss out when you go to Beijing: 

1. Great Wall of China (Mutianyu and Juyongguan)

This one is a real surprise for me because I have seen it in blogs and in some Youtube videos, but the locals and the tour guides in Beijing has no idea about it. I don’t know if my travel research skills before my flight is leveling up or Mutianyu is just rarely visited by Filipinos. We didn’t see any Pinoy when we went here and one of the tour groups we had a chat with in the airport were so jealous that their tour package didn’t bring them here. #DIYIsLife #GorgoeusGoes You may be one of the jealous ones if you miss this, so here you go:

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Camiguin & Cagayan for 10K ALL IN! #GorgeousGoes

I just came from a week of vacation in Camiguin and Cagayan, and if you are looking for  laid-back in combination with an adventurous time, this is the place to be! We spent a total of only PHP 10,745 (USD 203.12) for our plane ticket, hotel, transportation and itinerary! See below for the complete details and I hope this helps! 🙂 #GorgoeusGoes

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Sold Out

Judas is a very remarkable bible character, and rightfully so. Knowing about his story would make you question why he did what he did. I mean, how could he betray Jesus after all the the teachings that he heard and the miracles that they performed? I read about his story  again, and I am surprised to see that what motivated Judas to betray Jesus still motivates us today.

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A Reflection After Buy Bust & Goyo: Not A Movie Review

If you enjoy watching movies, then you probably heard about these two films about our country: “Buy Bust” starring Anne Curtis, by the director Erik Matti; and “Goyo” starring Paulo Avelino, by the director Jerrold Tarog. I am in no way a political person, but these movies stirred a patriotism in my heart that I didn’t know was there before.

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Taipei #TaiwanItThatWay #GorgeousGoes

Alright! This is long overdue! It’s time to share my Taipei trip itinerary. First of all, guess what? We only spent P14,000 (265 USD) for 3 days and 3 nights, so you might really want to read this. Yup that P14,000 already includes the airfare, hotel, itinerary, and souvenirs. I specialize in having the best trip with the lowest budget possible. I’ll stick to tips and trivia and not a very detailed itinerary – click the links (those with a different font color and underlined) for individual posts about the place or comment below 🙂

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